The Proof

Creating Professional Level Athletes

1Nation Sports was developed and launched with one goal in mind, to develop world-class athletes. We want to help as many athletes around the world as possible to be the BEST they can be. To realize their true potential. Every athlete is born with strengths and weaknesses. We want to help you find those weaknesses and make them strengths. So many athletes don’t have access to the type of training that 1Nation offers. It would normally cost thousands of dollars per year to have access to the training methods used by the Pros. Our sole purpose is to offer training usually reserved for elite athletes, so we can HELP as many athletes as possible realize their goal and potential and make it to the top.

From day one we have set out to bridge the gap and simplify the process for players, coaches, and parents to take the guess work of realizing your potential.

Dylan Nealis
1Nation Hanley Ramirez Testimonial
Hanley Ramirez

“I worked with Stephen coming off an injury. His training made me more focused, quicker, and stronger than ever before.”

1Nation Yunel Escobar Testimonial
Yunel Escobar

“I had the best seasons of my career when I trained with Stephen.”

Matteo Rittaccio

This training has helped me elevate my game to a total different level. Every time I walk out the gym, I know that I’m a stronger, faster, and better player than I was before I stepped into the gym.

Angela Ruggiero

“Stephen – Thank you for Kicking by Butt!”

Scott Yerys
Jules Jardine
Dawn Riley
Nico Doris

“Working with Steve gave me an opportunity to pursue that dream at Fordham University. Steve taught me and trained me on what it took to become a division 1 athlete. Our sessions were filled with high intensity training. Whether you’re aiming to become a professional athlete or Play in college, Steve provides a state of the art training program”.

Jack Montfort

“Stephen has helped me through the past 5 years by not only furthering my physical well being, but also helping me to formulate a newfound mental toughness that has carried me throughout all of my high school career as well as my first year of college. Steve has not only been my trainer but also a mentor. His determination and drive has inspired me to mirror his characteristics and put that into everything I do. He has helped me get ahead of the game by teaching me workouts, stretches, and techniques that I would have never known about had I not worked with him”.

Jeremy Bracco
Chris Napoli
Carlo Rittaccio
Charlie Leduda
Cailey Hutchinson

“I’ve been working with Steve now for four summers, and to say he has helped me reach my goal of becoming a professional hockey player would be an understatement. Steve workout regimen has transformed me in many ways and it has positively impacted my overall health and performance on the ice. Every year I come back better and stronger. Thank you Steve for your endless hard work and dedication to me and my career”.

Carlo Rittaccio

“The training I got from you was hands down the best training that I have ever gotten and it helped me prepare for the US National Team and the highest level in collegiate soccer. I still use his exercises in my days in college to keep me in shape and I felt fitter everyday after your sessions”.

Mac O'Keefe

“Training with Steve throughout high school and into college allowed me to separate myself from my peers and compete at an elite level physically.  His knowledge and investment in his players is second to none.  I can confidently say I wouldn’t have achieved the success I have without the foundation he built for me throughout my career.”

Jesse Bradley
Junior Rosero
Danny Willet
Matt Corinato
Brandon Chabrier
Fernando Barboto