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1Nation Sports Performance’s Goal

One Strength Training™ is the most complete strength fitness training programs designed to elevate your sports performance. The ZeroG™ performance method of training is our proprietary training method developed by 1Nation. 1Nation developed this method with over 20 years of training professional and elite athletes. It is this training method that has lead to the success of many of 1Nations professional athletes.

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Science Based

Our methods of sports performance training (and online athletic training programs) revolutionize the way elite trainers approach training.

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No More Linear

Gone are the programs that periodize and separate training into categories such as retcon, power, strength, speed, and agility.

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Game Day

In a game situation your body is constantly switching from all different aspects in a split second…we make sure you’re ready.

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How We

Our athletes are training to perform at the highest level and to succeed when others fail; in the last few minutes of the game.

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Who is 1Nation?

We’re a collection of performance experts, doctors and former professional athletes who are passionate about providing world class coaching to athletes across the globe. Our expertise can help you improve your athletic performance and provide access to industry-leading programming.


“The training I got from you was hands down the best training that I have ever gotten and it helped me prepare for the US National Team and the highest level in collegiate soccer. I still use his exercises in my days in college to keep me in shape and I felt fitter everyday after your sessions”.

Carlo Rittaccio

US Men’s Soccer

“I worked with Stephen coming off an injury. His training made me more focused, quicker, and stronger than ever before.”

Hanley Ramirez

MLB Player

“Stephen – Thank you for Kicking my Butt!”

Angela Ruggiero

USA Olympian

“I had the best seasons of my career when I trained with Stephen.”

Yunel Escobar

MLB Player

“This training has helped me elevate my game to a total different level. Every time I walk out the gym, I know that I’m a stronger, faster, and better player than I was before I stepped into the gym.”

Matteo Rittaccio

Liverpool FC