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Our online program allows athletes and teams to experience the 1Nation training philosophy for elite level athletes from anywhere in the world.

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Virtual Athlete

Training designed for all levels of athletes from youth, elite college, and pro. Classes are designed to improve every aspect of your performance.

Each training class is conducted by a live or virtual performance coach. The class consists of a dynamic warm-up and focuses on sports movements that designed to mimic what you go through in a game.

  • Foundation of Olympic Lifting (if applicable)
  • Sports Specific Strength Training
  • Sport Explosive Movements
  • Unilateral Strength Patterns
  • Deceleration Emphasis
  • Sports Core/Balance
  • Multi-angular/Multi-Directional Movement
  • Sports Endurance
  • Mobility/Injury Prevention

Benefits of Virtual Training

Unlimited participation, flexible class times to fit busy schedules

Progression/regression, modifications for all ages/abilities/equipment

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Ability to be motivated and interact with expert performance coaches
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Sport Specific for every sport and every position

Cost-effective pricing for professional grade programming


One Nation Benefits of Virtual Training

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